Thursday, 13 September 2012

Top 25 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites List with PR

When you are surfing through internet - Have you ever sent a link to a website to your friend thought they might find fascinating? Have you heard about Social Bookmarking, for details about it – Go through below. Here, I am sharing my knowledge so as to it will be beneficial for those who are in search of it.

What is social bookmarking?

It is a classification of a website and saving it for later use whenever required. Rather than saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the online web. Since your bookmarks are online, you can be able to easily distribute them with friends.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking
> Social bookmarking or news allows you to particularly target what you would like to see.

> Social bookmarking sites displays you recently added lists and popular links with relevant information.

> Social bookmarking sites can simply allow choosing the group or tag that matches your interest, and find popular sites.

How to Start with Social Bookmarking?
> A social bookmarking site provides the facility to save your web browser's bookmarks on a site to keep them ordered.

> It also allows you to get your bookmarks with you. While the bookmarks are not saved on your computer, you can get there at your bookmarks from anywhere like from a friend's computer or from your work.

> It also provide a facility to share your bookmarks with anyone, they may be your friends, family, or any strangers.

Top 25 Social Bookmarking Websites List with PR
When I was doing SEO off page activity, I realized that – there is a requirement of social bookmarking websites list with high PR. So, to be easy for newbie SEO professional or for personal use – Here, I am listed below 25 top social bookmarking websites list with PR.

Social Bookmarking Websites with PR
1. Bibsonomy ---- PR 7
2. Blinklist ---- PR 7
3. Delicious ---- PR 8
4. Digg ---- PR 8
5. 123reklam ---- PR 8
6. Diigo ---- PR 6
7. Folkd ---- PR 7
8. Ebaumsworld ---- PR 5
9. Linkagogo ---- PR 5
10. Tagza ---- PR 6
11. Oneview ---- PR 5
12. Startaid ---- PR 5
13. Buddymarks ---- PR 5
14. Bookmark4you---- PR 3
15. Mylinkvault ---- PR 5
16. Chime ---- PR 8
17. Reddit ---- PR 8
18. Newsvine ---- PR 7
19. Jumptags ---- PR 6
20. Dzone ---- PR 6
21. Diigo ---- PR 7
22. Slashdot ---- PR 7
23. Designfloat ---- PR 6
24. Tumblr ---- PR 5
25. ---- PR 5

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