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Article Submission Website: List, Tips and Guidance

What is Article Submission?
Article Submission is also a very successful and popular method through which you can obtain backlinks for your blog or a website. Even though it is time overwhelming, but a very helpful method for receiving long term links.

It is an identical to guest blogging, where you write an article on a theme and then print it in an article submission website. What you obtain in response is a quality backlink in author resource box or author bio.

Brief Information about Article Submission
Each article you put forward contains diverse components and sections. Whereas some sections bear more weight than others; each section must be crafted with care and forethought. A truthfully grand article can boost traffic to your website. An article is divided into the following sections:

• Article Title
• Article Keywords
• Article Summary
• Article Body
• Article Resource Box

In conventional copywriting, your headline determines as much as 95% of the success of the article. This guide takes into deliberation what makes the article title victorious.

Nearly everyone searches the Internet by means of one of the foremost search engines. They will type 1 to 5 keywords that are associated with the topic of the article or information they are looking to position. The search engine will then bring outcome that best counterpart the human's concern.

Article Summary Do's:
1. Create article summary in proper length which should be 2 to 5 sentences in a long.
2. Speak in a straight line to your reader of the touching benefits that can be gained by understanding the information in your article body.
3. Present your ideal reasons to target your reader for that they should carry on reading your article.
4. Try to include in your article summary at least 3 to 5 keywords concerning to your article topic, using keyword research tools.

Article Summary Don'ts:
1. Don’t Replicate Your Article Title
2. Don’t Replicate Your Author Name
3. Don’t Pitch You or Your Business
4. Don’t Include your URL or E-Mail Address
5. Don’t Create an Article Summary more than 2 paragraphs or 7 sentences in length.

Take a look at the list below and enjoy the wealth of knowledge contained in the various sites.
A Comprehensive List of 25 Article Directories...

1. isnare Articles (

2. Free Content Article Directory (

3. The Online Self Improvement Community (

4. More Opportunities, More Results (

5. Ezine Article (

6. Article Dashboard (

7. Go Article (

8. Your Best Article Source (

9. Zimbio (

10. Amazines (

11. Submit Your Articles for Free (

12. Article Directory with a variety of categories (

13. Submit and read quality Articles (

14. Expert Information For Your Website (

15. Free article directory - your knowledge encyclopedia (

16. Article Directory with a variety of categories (

17. Submit and read quality Articles (

18. Article Alley (

19. A fast approval free article directory (

20. Where knowledge rules (

21. Free Online Articles Directory (

22. Free Articles for Reprint (

23. Where Your Ideas Shine (

24. Articles Factory (

25. Article Directory (


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