Thursday, 27 December 2012

What is SEO Web Design? Tips and Benefits

Designing a website is an art, but designing a website for the search engine is a science. In order to rank your website on Google or to “do SEO” for it, the website needs to incorporate some basic elements that can ensure search engine indexing and visibility. Often companies make the mistake of designing a website that is only for the search engines or make websites that are only for the users. However, the right way is to make a website that is a combination of both – user friendly as well as search engine friendly.

Top Web Design Tips for Successful SEO

Whether you are designing a website yourself or getting it done from a professional web design company, here are some SEO web design tips that will help you get the desired SEO success:

1. Beautiful Front End with SEO-Friendly Coding: Most companies make the mistake of stuffing loads of content and links on their website for SEO. While this can deliver great search engine success, it can drive away users due to lack of design appeal and rich look and feel. Make a website that has a good combination of content as well as attractive graphics. In addition the website must have a semantic code along with descriptive tags.

2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing: For search engine success, it is recommended to use keywords in strategic areas like URL, title tag, and head tags. However, it is important to use the keywords sparingly and intelligently. Stuffing the tags with keywords can lead to the website getting penalized.

3. Avoid Using Flash: Flash, although might help you create a beautiful and aesthetic design, is extremely detrimental to search engines. Search engine robots cannot read flash files, resulting in flash-based pages, links or navigation not getting indexed.

4. Tag All Images: Search engines cannot directly read images. Thus, for this you need to particularly tag them with “alt” tags to indicate the spiders as what the images are about. Failing to do this can cost you substantial traffic.

5. Minimal Page Load Time: This is one of the most basic but extremely critical factors. You may have the most wonderful website, but if it takes ages to load, then this might drive your users instantly. Search engines recognize this fact and hence penalize website with huge page loading time by keeping them at a lower position.

6. Quality & Concise Content: Content is the king, especially when it comes to SEO. Thus, your website must have great quality content which is crisp and concise. Make sure that every landing page has a minimum of 300-350 relevant content for search engine success.

Often, web designers and SEO professionals are at loggerheads. Web designers blame the SEO guys for spoiling their layouts with drab content additions while the SEO guys blame the web designers for sacrificing conversions and usability at the altar of aesthetic design. The best way out is to have the best of both worlds.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Free List of Directory Submission Websites

Now a day, Building backlinks is the most important part of Off Page SEO. Article directories are a good quality way for webmasters to sponsor their websites. Article and Web Directory submission can generate backlinks, which results in increase exposure and traffic.

What is Directory Submission in SEO?
Directory submission is the process of adding or submitting your website to a web directory. Generally, the directory submission practice involves submitting your website URL all along with additional details of your website to the most suitable category.

In the SEO, directory submission is the fundamental step taken by webmasters to get better link popularity of a website. It can be done by the webmaster himself or he can subcontract it to someone who is good at this.

Benefits of Directory Submission
- It provides you one-way links
- It allows the anchor text of your preference
- They are mostly free
- It drives you targeted traffic to your website

Have you trouble in finding a good SEO friendly directory list? Then you are not alone. Below here you will find free website directory listings.

Free List of Directory Submission Websites

1. PR 5
2. PR n/a
3. PR n/a
4. PR 6
5. PR n/a
6. PR 1
7. PR 4
8. PR n/a
9. PR 4
10. PR 4
11. PR n/a
12. PR 4
13. PR 5
14. PR 4
15. PR 3
16. PR 1
17. PR 2
18. PR 2
19. PR 4
20. PR 3
21. PR n/a
22. PR 1
23. PR 1
24. PR 4
25. PR 2
26. PR 1
27. PR 4
28. PR 2
29. PR 4
30. PR n/a
31. PR 4
32. PR 3
33. PR n/a
34. PR 4
35. PR 0
36. PR 2
37. PR 4
38. PR 2
39. PR 5
40. PR 7
41. PR n/a
42. PR 4
43. PR 3
44. PR 4
45. PR n/a
46. PR 5
47. PR 3
48. PR 1
49. PR 1
50. PR 1
51. PR 0
52. PR 2
53. PR4
54. PR 3
55. PR 1
56. PR 3
57. PR 2
58. PR4
59. PR 3
60. PR 3
61. PR 3
62. PR 2
63. PR 3
64. PR4
65. PR 3
66. PR 3
67. PR 2
68. PR4
69. PR4
70. PR 3
71. PR4
72. PR4
73. PR 3
74. PR4
75. PR4

Soon Going to be Added Free More Directory Submission Website List... Revisit it Again --------->>>>>>>>> To Be Continued Soon.

Friday, 30 November 2012

What is JavaScript? And Resources to Learn it

What is JavaScript?
JavaScript is a programming language which is used to create web pages more interactive. It runs on your visitor's PC or laptop and doesn't need regular download from your site. It is frequently used to generate polls and quizzes. JavaScript is the Netscape-developed object scripting language used in millions of web pages and server applications worldwide.

• It can function as both a procedural and an object oriented language
• It can interrelate with HTML source code, enabling Web authors to jazz up their websites with dynamic content.
• It is endorsed by a number of web design companies ( or software companies) and is an open language that anybody can use without purchasing a license.

JavaScript Online Resources to learn it ->>>

JavaScript Guide :

JavaScript Tutorial:

JavaScript - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

JavaScript Kit- Your comprehensive JavaScript:

The JavaScript Source:

Hello World of JavaScript
The Hello World example is usually normal to take in when talking about programming languages. So here we go
You can also pop alert boxes just as easily with:

Yes, i.e, all you need. You don’t need to include any file or import any packages. Everything to facilitate is needed to execute JavaScript is provided by the web browser (or the client) so it is also known as Client Side Scripting Language.

So Finally JavaScript is broadly supported. It is accessible in the following browsers:

• Netscape Navigator (beginning with version 2.0)
• Microsoft Internet Explorer (beginning with version 3.0)
• Firefox
• Safari
• Opera
• Google Chrome
• Any other browser whose vendor licensed or implemented JavaScript.

Therefore, the majority Internet users today have web browsers that support JavaScript. That's why JavaScript is one of the most accepted tools in the Web developer's arsenal.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Article Submission Website: List, Tips and Guidance

What is Article Submission?
Article Submission is also a very successful and popular method through which you can obtain backlinks for your blog or a website. Even though it is time overwhelming, but a very helpful method for receiving long term links.

It is an identical to guest blogging, where you write an article on a theme and then print it in an article submission website. What you obtain in response is a quality backlink in author resource box or author bio.

Brief Information about Article Submission
Each article you put forward contains diverse components and sections. Whereas some sections bear more weight than others; each section must be crafted with care and forethought. A truthfully grand article can boost traffic to your website. An article is divided into the following sections:

• Article Title
• Article Keywords
• Article Summary
• Article Body
• Article Resource Box

In conventional copywriting, your headline determines as much as 95% of the success of the article. This guide takes into deliberation what makes the article title victorious.

Nearly everyone searches the Internet by means of one of the foremost search engines. They will type 1 to 5 keywords that are associated with the topic of the article or information they are looking to position. The search engine will then bring outcome that best counterpart the human's concern.

Article Summary Do's:
1. Create article summary in proper length which should be 2 to 5 sentences in a long.
2. Speak in a straight line to your reader of the touching benefits that can be gained by understanding the information in your article body.
3. Present your ideal reasons to target your reader for that they should carry on reading your article.
4. Try to include in your article summary at least 3 to 5 keywords concerning to your article topic, using keyword research tools.

Article Summary Don'ts:
1. Don’t Replicate Your Article Title
2. Don’t Replicate Your Author Name
3. Don’t Pitch You or Your Business
4. Don’t Include your URL or E-Mail Address
5. Don’t Create an Article Summary more than 2 paragraphs or 7 sentences in length.

Take a look at the list below and enjoy the wealth of knowledge contained in the various sites.
A Comprehensive List of 25 Article Directories...

1. isnare Articles (

2. Free Content Article Directory (

3. The Online Self Improvement Community (

4. More Opportunities, More Results (

5. Ezine Article (

6. Article Dashboard (

7. Go Article (

8. Your Best Article Source (

9. Zimbio (

10. Amazines (

11. Submit Your Articles for Free (

12. Article Directory with a variety of categories (

13. Submit and read quality Articles (

14. Expert Information For Your Website (

15. Free article directory - your knowledge encyclopedia (

16. Article Directory with a variety of categories (

17. Submit and read quality Articles (

18. Article Alley (

19. A fast approval free article directory (

20. Where knowledge rules (

21. Free Online Articles Directory (

22. Free Articles for Reprint (

23. Where Your Ideas Shine (

24. Articles Factory (

25. Article Directory (

Monday, 29 October 2012

Top 15 PHP Web Development Tips and Tricks

PHP is probably one of the most widely used open source general-purpose scripting languages on the web. It is used to enhance web pages. With PHP, you can do things like create user id and password login web pages, check details from a form, create forums, blog, picture galleries, and a lot more. If the URL of the web page ends with .php, then the author has written some programming code to liven up the plain, old HTML.

- PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor
- PHP scripts are executed on the server
- PHP supports many databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.
- PHP is open source software
- PHP is free to use and download

15 PHP Web Development Tips and Tricks
PHP is most likely the preferred web development languages in the world. There are already over 20 million domains on the web that have made use of PHP Web Development techniques.

I have read about many of these points in books and online tutorials. Initially I ignored it but after that I realized its importance for security with PHP & MySQL, but I would like to suggest everyone who is new to PHP is to read these tips and apply them before you end up with a big confusion.

1. Echo() versus print():
Echo is quicker than print. Both functions are used for the same thing but echo is the language constructs which return nothing, which publish will return 0 or 1 based on success or failure.

2. Be sure to validate user input on the server side:
While validating user input with JavaScript, does it on the server side too, since for bypassing your JavaScript validation a user just needs to turn their JavaScript off. It is (JavaScript validation) is only good to reduce the server load.

3. Use single quotes for longer strings rather than double quotes
Because in double quotes it will search for PHP variable to evaluate them. So in this case, in single quotes is faster because it does not require any string manipulation.

4. Always escape the output:
It will avoid XSS (Cross Site Scripting) attacks. You have to be sure about it i.e., When displaying user input on a page use htmlentities($user_bio, ENT_QUOTES, ‘UTF-8′).

5. If you have declared a method as static then let it is the same, as its 33% quicker than member functions.

6. Try to use minimize relative paths:
For relative path insertion it will search for default include path then current directory then so on. As a result file search in that case may catch more time.

7. Identical operator (===) is faster than (==) operator as identical operator will include type checking also.

8. Avoid using short tags and try to use , It can generate a problem for you if you are available to organize your application on another server.

9.Echo’s multiple parameters:
For faster result, use echo's multiple parameters instead of string concatenation.

10. Specify full paths:
Try to use full paths in includes and requires, for less time spend on resolving the OS paths.

11. Derived classes vs. base classes:
You may have to know i.e., methods in derived classes run faster than ones defined in the base class.

12. About accessing arrays:
e.g. $row['id'] is 7 times faster than $row[id]

13. Do not implement every data structure as a class:
Avoid to being everything OOP, as often it is too much overhead, and each method and object call consumes more memory. For this case, do not implement every data structure as a class, arrays are useful, too.

14. Avoid functions inside loops:
Try to use functions outside loops. If not the function may get called each time.

15. Free unnecessary memory:
Unset your variables to free memory, especially large arrays.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Top 21 Web Design and Development Forums for Web Designers

Forums for all time are a big place to get answers to your unclear questions about :
- Web Development Coding,
- Web Designing,
- SEO,
- Marketing,
- Blogging.

As a web designer, I felt in need with these kinds of communities, maybe you’ll find these web design forum sites useful too. Participating in these forums not allows you to share your knowledge with peers, but also allows gaining trust.

Forums are essential for web designers and web developers. Web Design Companies, web designers and site owners rely on forums for a many reasons i.e., for finding way out to web design, technical problems, to investigate new areas and just to contribute in discussion with other web designers.

Today I have picked top 21 web design forums which can build your web developing skills to accomplish another level.

List of Top 21 Web Design Forums for Web Designers:






















What makes a great forum in my opinion?

As web designers and web developers, we choose a forum depending on its facility to approach our needs.

- Having a great knowledgeable community.

- The users have to be active.

- Forum should be outsized sufficient, moderators should be supportive and the posts should be responded quickly.

- Quality of the community i.e., responses from community members.

- The forum should have best moderation and guidelines.

- Also web design of the forum plays a role in our personal decision to utilize it.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

How to Estimate Web Design Cost? Tips and Guidance

Do you know? What is the most key element of pricing web design cost? It’s being capable of accurately estimate projects obviously! Definite there are a number of other significant factors when attempting to present a cost for web design project.

Pricing Web Design Estimation Cost
Estimation of web design and development cost is tough, especially when you are new. Gossip with web design companies and you will observe all sorts of indifferent pricing schemes. Some price by the web page, someone else by the project type etc.

Would you know that why so many diverse methods of pricing web design cost are there? A few of web design firms are just trying to mark clients. Others just don’t be familiar with where to begin. The difficulty is that no one teaches these things. So many individual web design professional have difficulty through their first web design cost estimation until they come across a process that works for them.

Here, I would like to show basic formula to build out how much an assignment will cost. Even if they are not conscious of it, they are using a formula. It’s time and money based and it goes similar to this: What’s the least amount of money Here, I would like to take for X total of project time?

So let’s look at Formula for Estimation for web design cost:

Total Web Design Cost = (Hourly Rate * Estimated Hours) * Contingency

For more information Click Here – How to Estimate Web Design Cost?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Top 25 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites List with PR

When you are surfing through internet - Have you ever sent a link to a website to your friend thought they might find fascinating? Have you heard about Social Bookmarking, for details about it – Go through below. Here, I am sharing my knowledge so as to it will be beneficial for those who are in search of it.

What is social bookmarking?

It is a classification of a website and saving it for later use whenever required. Rather than saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the online web. Since your bookmarks are online, you can be able to easily distribute them with friends.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking
> Social bookmarking or news allows you to particularly target what you would like to see.

> Social bookmarking sites displays you recently added lists and popular links with relevant information.

> Social bookmarking sites can simply allow choosing the group or tag that matches your interest, and find popular sites.

How to Start with Social Bookmarking?
> A social bookmarking site provides the facility to save your web browser's bookmarks on a site to keep them ordered.

> It also allows you to get your bookmarks with you. While the bookmarks are not saved on your computer, you can get there at your bookmarks from anywhere like from a friend's computer or from your work.

> It also provide a facility to share your bookmarks with anyone, they may be your friends, family, or any strangers.

Top 25 Social Bookmarking Websites List with PR
When I was doing SEO off page activity, I realized that – there is a requirement of social bookmarking websites list with high PR. So, to be easy for newbie SEO professional or for personal use – Here, I am listed below 25 top social bookmarking websites list with PR.

Social Bookmarking Websites with PR
1. Bibsonomy ---- PR 7
2. Blinklist ---- PR 7
3. Delicious ---- PR 8
4. Digg ---- PR 8
5. 123reklam ---- PR 8
6. Diigo ---- PR 6
7. Folkd ---- PR 7
8. Ebaumsworld ---- PR 5
9. Linkagogo ---- PR 5
10. Tagza ---- PR 6
11. Oneview ---- PR 5
12. Startaid ---- PR 5
13. Buddymarks ---- PR 5
14. Bookmark4you---- PR 3
15. Mylinkvault ---- PR 5
16. Chime ---- PR 8
17. Reddit ---- PR 8
18. Newsvine ---- PR 7
19. Jumptags ---- PR 6
20. Dzone ---- PR 6
21. Diigo ---- PR 7
22. Slashdot ---- PR 7
23. Designfloat ---- PR 6
24. Tumblr ---- PR 5
25. ---- PR 5

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

TOP 5 Web Developer Skills Need Today

Almost all web developers believe that they already have all the awareness which have to carry on their careers. Look into these skills all web developers must have to achieve something and beyond, and see how you agree with it.

Website development companies are rapidly adopting new technologies and they are in regular need of web developer with the skills and proficiency to be capable to develop their dreams into a stunning website. Here below are 5 essential skills for any web developer looking to be successful in today’s market.

1. Be Aware of All Three Web Development Environments
There is PHP, .NET, and Java which are current web development environments. A current day web developer should be a professional in any one of these, and have a nodding associate with the remaining these two. And that is all not enough just for being well-known with the associated core languages - we should also be familiar with the libraries and frameworks.

2. Improve Your Soft Skills
Soft skills in the past considered important merely for non-IT types which is becoming more essential for any Web developer. Communication, team leadership, project management --these all are essential components for conference with customers, functioning out what is needed, deciding what can be done, and reporting on status.

3. Be Aware of Problem Domains
Furnish yourself a sound foundation in the concepts behind problem domains, and the most modern research on what is probable. Web developers with these skills will be capable to contribute to development projects in an immense way, and well right in with the next skill.

4. Adaptability
A good web developer will not be restricted to any one programming language. There are many programming languages to learn together with C, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML, XHTML etc. While deciding which one language to learn depends on what field you are interested in and what you prepare to do in that field. Another key to being adaptable is the ability to learn new languages quickly.

5. Flexibility
Flexibility is more important to any web developer. In other words, I want to say that you should be able to code both the back-end and front-end of a site. If you are familiar with how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but you don’t be familiar with how to program in PHP, the company will require hiring somebody else in order to come to an end the project. When you are flexible and able to code on both ways the project, it shows that you are much more valuable to your company.

Web Developers are an uncommon breed, devoted to their work and loving about what they are doing. In today’s complicated financial system it is vital for any web developer to be adaptable, efficient, flexible, creative and reliable.

These above mentioned skills will help any web developer to turn into a respected professional and you will not have any problem in finding a job. If you are aware of that you are not possess any of these skills then just work hard and undertake one skill at a time. Patience and practice are necessary in improving these skills.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

What Qualities Should Have to Possess by a Web Designer?

Hey, all web designer gets look through this article which helps us with web design. Here, we get in details information about how web designer should on track to be perfect in web designing. Finally, I may say that get into details about what qualities should have to possess by a web designer?

For More Info, Click Here: >>>>> What Qualities Should Have to Possess by a Web Designer?

Friday, 27 July 2012

Basic Tips to Setting up a Custom E-commerce Website

Previous to set up your online store, be clear in your mind to carry out your planning and market research, and imagine about your likely future requirements. 

In this below paragraphs, you will get the basic tips on setting up a professional looking and functioning
custom e-commerce website.

Mostly, an e-commerce website design consists of four major components
E-Commerce - Online Business

  1. Online Store Product Pages                                                                    
  2. Shopping cart
  3. Gateway account for processing online payments
  4. Merchant account for accepting credit cards
Let’s start in brief look through each major component, starting with,

E-commerce Online Store Product Pages :
Between the most underrated feature of e-commerce websites are product pages. When consumers judge actual items to purchase, it's the product pages that decide if they would like to buy from your website, or not. 
  • Product pages will hold all required content for your products
  • Be certain to write keyword rich content on product pages 
  • Be sure to add quality images to sell your product because a picture is worth than a thousand words as  they say
  • Put yourself in your customers shoes which helps a lot to increase a product sell
  • Provide security, easy and pleasant shopping experience to your customers 
  • Present your products in organized way which reflects professionalism
Shopping cart :
Accordingly you managed a product page that converts visitors to genuine customers. Now you have to pay extra attention on the whole shopping cart experience somewhat than just the procedure of the cart because your customer’s familiarity with the service is what will make or break your business.

E-Commerce Website Work Mechanism
Shopping cart should have to address the following major components :
1. Use a proper method to allow your customer to view and choose items for purchase simply
2. Backend admin system - you have to add, edit, and delete items for sale
3. Have a proper attention on Efficient tracking of orders, fulfillment and product inventory
4. Generate sales reports and overall conversion management tools

Website security is a very important to e-commerce websites. You will require securing the whole thing from when the customer enters their personal information right up the termination of the checkout string. You must have to install and apply a Secure Server Certificate (SSC), a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Secure Protocol (HTTPS).

A protected database is necessary for storing all your customers purchase and personal information. This is the first required security risk so be definite to encrypt the data. Caring your clients data will make sure you 
will not face issues of lawsuits and financial ruin down the road. Gateway account for processing online payments

Gateway account for processing online payments :
These balance sheet assists with the processing the Credit Card transaction on your behalf. It is not atypical
to bring upon you a handful of fees with this type of account, and there is a large selection of Gateway
processor companies to decide from. Be clear in your mind you do good research and are 100% clear on what the fees are before you commit.

Credit Cards
Merchant account for accepting credit cards :
You will require a merchant account if you desire to allow Credit Card transactions online. These accounts allow and hold the credit card transaction money. Call your local bank to see if they offer such accounts. In some belongings, you can find both a merchant account and transaction processing services from the same organization.

Lastly, you require having a technique to make sure and evaluate customer satisfaction with your service and/or product. The customer service and understanding is the key feature to a running a successful online business but on the other side actual product is secondary.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

9 Most Important Web Design Tips

New web designers require to know web design fundamentals in order to create good-looking, well-designed websites. If you would like to know more regarding web design, there’s lot of resources you can learn. Start with this article. You’ll find some guidance below to boost your web design excellence.

Here are 9 things that are the most important to observe and take into consideration when creating a best website design that you might not be aware of or have overlooked. They are here just enhancing your online business through unique web design of your site.

9 Most Important Web Design Tips

Try to Keep Simple Web Design
Always simple is good. Do away with redundant confusion and distractions from a website and navigation menu.

White Background Color
White is maybe the best option for background color. White backgrounds not only make the text easy to read, but also make your site come into view more professional, as white is the standard background color for corporate sites. Crazy backgrounds can just cause confusion and make your content become lost. It also tends to make your webpage look much less professional. Simple backgrounds are generally better.

Use well layout and navigation
A web site that is easy to use always encourages visitors to continue and read your content. If your site
doesn't appear to look good for a particular resolution it is likely that the visitor will close the browser
window feeling that the web page is not for their viewing. Therefore, designing widen layouts that fit any
screen resolution will ensure a visually attractive and professional site.

Custom 404 Pages
Generate a custom 404 web page, so that any time your website visitor mistype or misspell a URL on your web site, they will still be provided with navigation options for your web site (as an alternative of getting 
nothing but a “Page Not Found” error message, which is neither friendly nor helpful).

Build your web site interactive and rich in content
To make your web site stickier you can insert a few simple interactive applications like site polls, surveys, a
guest book, an event calendar, newsletter sign-up, etc. There are many applications on the web but you require to choose them intelligently.

Build your web site scalable and cross browser compatible
Making your code and design scalable pays you off well. This is critical simply because as technology advances and configuration of computers and their monitors keep ever-increasing and changeable it becomes impossible to experiment your site in all screen sizes and platforms.

Include consistency all over your web site
Consistency is crucial as it could give your site a more professional look and feel, and  makes way for simple
navigation. For consistency to saturate throughout your website, try to use database templates to create a
common look and feel for your web site.

Use Redirect Non-www. To www.
Website visitors will often leave out the “www.” portion when they type a URL or link to your website. Put the website up so that it automatically redirects any non-www version of your domain urls ( to the www version ( of your website.

Inclide a Favicon
Add a Favicon (favorite icon) to your website, with the intention that your company or product logo appears in the URL box. This icon will also show up in a bookmark list, and gives the web site an additional level of